An Epic Adventure Book

Grit, Gravel and Gear

15000 km, 10 countries, 400 days and a solo ride. In 2016, Dhruv Bogra decides to embark on this unconventional voyage on his touring bicycle named quest from the Arctic to the Andes. Facing extreme weather conditions, Dhruv describes his hardships and struggles which are accompanied with a sense of joy and freedom.

Another Epic Adventure Book


In this nugget of an adventure book, written during the lockdown in India, Dhruv leads us into the heart of the great wilderness of the Himalaya and the ‘last frontier’ that is Alaska, narrating fascinating adventures, many solo, experienced on the saddle of a mountain bike and with a pack on his back. Dhruv has explored wide open spaces and the remotest wilderness on his bicycle from the Old Hindustan Tibet Road in Kinnaur to the highest mountains in Sikkim. His seven absorbing stories reveal the magical weave of the Himalayan wild and the pioneering and resilient spirit of adventure cycling and the nascent culture of bikepacking in India. Away is about discovering raw freedom in the mountains, valleys and the great outdoors. Away is dedicated to the thousands of migrant workers who have endured great suffering in the pandemic, walking and cycling thousands of miles to reach their villages and to the millions of retail employees across grocery stores, restaurants and delivery services who braved the odds to leave the safety of their homes to serve the country.

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