A Pan American Odyssey

20,000 Kilometres from North to South America

The year was 2011, and was just back, inspired and triumphant, after cycling on one of the highest motorable roads in the world ( Manali – Khardung La). I was reading an article on transcontinental cycling in a magazine specializing in bicycling when I came across a breathtaking picture of a cyclist in the middle of an unpaved, partly muddy desert road, heading towards the mountains looming ahead.

In the flash, the photograph captured everything about long distance bicycling touring – the thrill of an adventure, the essence of exploration and discovery of new experiences , the fear of the unknown, the test of endurance and mental strength and the innocence of just being on a bike and getting in touch with the free spirit that resides within. The picture stimulated a desire and planted the first seeds of an overwhelming dream to cycle the world.


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Biking Quest

Cycling, Bikepacking & Backpacking in Wide Open Spaces

It was the trek to Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh, India , in September 2011 that enabled me to reconnect strongly with my destiny to the mountains and adventure. Somewhere, this connection was severed many years ago because of a hectic corporate life. Life is still very hectic, but now I plan and make the time to explore, traverse and travel extensively and capture the raw natural beauty of the mountains and the countryside. After Hampta Pass, it was the Tour of Kangra, a 300 km cross country ride on a mountain bike that made me fall in love with the rough less travelled tracks ! Post that adventure, I had many more in the western ghats and finally culminating the granddaddy of all, the famous Manali to Leh expedition, considered to be amongst the toughest in the world.